What Christianity Entails and Its Teaching

Faith is a key factor for one to assume Christianity at any single time. Christians believe in one God who created everything that persists in this universe. He is the “Supreme Being” who is the origin of all powers that exist and thus should be respected at all times. The Ten Commandments are there to guide people in their day to day lives. These are usually in line with what the Lord teaches and they should be obeyed. Those who do contrary to what is stipulated awaits punishment at the end. There is a promise of eternal life for believers who will inherit and dwell in heaven. The sinners will be subjected to torture and pain in hell where they will live forever. The creator is good in that he is there to forgive sinners and accept them back to the territory of the holy.

Healing through christianity

Christianity: In Jesus' Healing Hands

For more than two thousand years now, Christianity has permeated and become a driving force in all aspects of humanity's daily living, both as individuals and as a society.

Christianity Today

A Christian is a person who adheres to teachings of Jesus Christ, and with all the teachings emphasized by the Bible. Christianity is one of the most common religions in the world making the teachings commonly used in a majority of daily activities and teachings.